5 Things I Miss Most About Buenos Aires

A Semester Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina 

I had a lot of firsts during my semester abroad in Argentina: I pulled my first all-nighter, went to my first real club and stayed in my first hostel. More than ever, I find myself wishing I were back on the Línea D riding to my host family’s apartment in Palermo. In honor of that memorable semester, I’ve compiled a list of the 5 things I miss most about Buenos Aires.

Palermo Street
A quick snapshot during my walk through Barrio Palermo | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Delicious Empanadas 

Empanadas: Yucca dough, deep-fried, I love them all — but Argentina’s ’nadas will forever reign supreme for me. There’s something about these baked delicacies that’ll stick with you long after you leave Ezezia, and, if you’re like me, you’ll feel inspired to try and recreate them at home. Picadillo and jamón y queso were my personal favorites, but you can’t go wrong with any version of the savory treat.

The Best Boliches (Argentinian Clubs)

Plaza Serrano: My Argentinian friends still make fun of me for liking this place, but it’s a guaranteed good time for any yankee looking to understand the reggaeton music scene. Situated in the heart of Palermo, this plaza boasts clubs like Rosebar and Kika. While super touristy, these spots were always ready with a Maluma or Nicky Jam hit, and the surrounding streets offer great boliches (Argentinian clubs) for any musical tastes, too.

My Favorite University 

USAL: Short for Universidad del Salvador, I took classes at this private university while abroad (I also took classes at the Universidad de Buenos Aires, too, but the large class sizes and lecture-based form, honestly, made it too hard for me to make any friends there). USAL is where I met most my Argentinian friends — a miracle considering my Spanish was deplorable when I arrived, and it took me nearly three months to understand the Argentinian accent.

Shoes That Changed My Life 

Plataformas: These platform shoes are finally making an appearance in the States, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. When I first saw this stacked footwear, I could only think of the ’70s disco shoes my parents wore, but these things redefine fashion. Sandals, boots, sneakers — anything can be a plataforma, and I left the country with a pair of these shoes in my suitcase.  

Floralis Genérica, a gorgeous metal sculpture by Eduardo Catalano | Buenos Aires, Argentina

Reliably Unreliable Transportation

Colectivos: Flipping through my Guía T (The Buenos Aires bus/subway map), I was initially dumbfounded by the city bus system. How did you know when the bus would arrive? Where exactly were the bus stops? Neither of these questions have answers, but the colectivo ranks, in my mind, high above the Subte for people-watching and speed. The buses are essential for traveling at night once the Subte is closed, and they can take you anywhere in the city.

Did I miss anything? For those of you Argentinian expats out there, let me know what you miss most about this amazing city!

Featured Image: Barrio Palermo in the fall (which blew my mind because it was summer in the Northern Hemisphere) | Buenos Aires, Argentina

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